What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Cynthia C.

Fayetteville, NC


Calloway professional Group provides a very professional and elegant environment for my executive recruiting business.  I enjoy the quiet atmosphere, the excellent location, and the energy that comes with working among other small business owners that value the same.  My clients and candidates are greeted upon arrival and can relax in a beautiful seating area with refreshments provided while they wait.  The conference room is available for meeting and is accessible and ready to use when I need it.  With the option of having my phone directed to mu office or to mu receptionist, my incoming calls are answered promptly and courteously each time.  The decisions to lease an office space at Calloway Professional Group was one of the best decisions I have made in starting my business.


Matt R.

Redding, CA


I have been working with the Calloway Professional Group and Sherrie Mitchell for almost 6 years now.  Her office spaces and services are professional and top notch.  Don’t have the cashflow to have a dedicated office space, but still need a conference room, a fax machine, a receptionist, and a coffee service for occasional meeting and professional events?  This is the perfect ticket.  Attorneys, consultants, real estate agents, anybody who needs dedicated or occasional services would feel right at home in this warm, professional environment.  From the minute, you walk into this office space you feel the professionalism and class of a luxurious office space.  It’s the best of both worlds.  Even the grounds are well done.  I’d recommend this office space for any working professional, whether they need a dedicated office space or just a place to meet with clients on occasion.


Denise Winston

July 6, 2015

This is a great place to have office space, I love it there! The Calloway Professional Group has helped me build my brand and present a professional image.  It has a fantastic location, easy access, a receptionist, gorgeous décor and the perfect place to hold meeting and network with other business owners.


Eli Patterson

June 29, 2015

I’ve been working at this office for my Personal Development/Life Coaching business since 2011.  Since I’m a small business and I don’t have a person to take my call, of make my appointments.  Calloway Professional Group provides those professional services.  When I conducted business meeting, Calloway has a professional conference room I use.  It’s a great place to bring my clients, because it has that relaxed feeling to it.


The name is Calloway Professional Group.  So just as So just as the name implies, there is several other professional services right in the same building. If you need your taxes done before its that season, there’s the place to go. If you need life coaching or personal development, or insurance needs, you can find all that there at Calloway Professional Group. At 9711 Holland and Calloway.

I recommend contacting Sherry Mitchell to see how she my be of service to you.